MotionMaestros - Terms of Use

Last Updated: December 1, 2023 

1. Overview of Agreement

This Terms of Service (“Agreement”) establishes a legally binding contract between MotionMaestros, LLC, a Limited Liability Company organized under the laws of the State of Delaware (“MotionMaestros”), and the Customer (“Customer”). Non-compliance with the terms outlined herein will result in the immediate cessation of the Customer’s access to the Services. Upon termination of this Agreement, except for ongoing obligations such as payment, the relationship between the Customer and MotionMaestros concludes. 

2. Service Plans

Part-Timer: MotionMaestros commits to delivering up to six videos per calendar month, comprising two High-Fidelity and four Low-Fidelity videos. 

MotionMaestros reserves the right to initiate work on new requests within three business days. 

Creator: This plan assigns a dedicated animator to the Customer, aiming for approximately 40 hours of service per week. No fixed quantity of video deliverables per month is guaranteed. 

Response time for new service items is within two business days. 

Studio: Involves two dedicated animators. Conditions of the Creator Plan apply, with concurrent work on two requests. 

These Service Plans are subject to changes at MotionMaestros’ discretion, and Customers should regularly review terms for updates. 

3. Cancellation and Renewal Policy

Customers must cancel services at least seven days before the renewal date to avoid charges for the subsequent period. Failure to do so results in non-refundable charges due to allocated resources, including assigned animators. 

4. Automatic Acceptance of Work

Work delivered is automatically accepted 48 hours post-delivery, unless the Customer provides feedback or revision requests within this timeframe. This policy ensures timely commencement of editing the next video. 

5. Pricing Plans and Refund Policy

Customers can cancel subscriptions at any time, but no refunds are offered. MotionMaestros commits to delivering services until the end of the current billing cycle. The transfer of ownership of custom-created works applies exclusively to completed, paid-for projects. 

6. Intellectual Property Rights

While MotionMaestros retains ownership of Service Content, completed custom works are the Customer’s property upon full payment, adhering to copyright laws and international conventions. 

7. Ownership of Materials

Customers gain ownership of final, custom-created works, including design and source files, upon full payment. This excludes MotionMaestros’s underlying tools, methods, or pre-existing materials. 

8. Fonts

If a Project incorporates Third-Party Fonts requiring commercial licenses, MotionMaestros informs the Customer, who must purchase the licenses. 

9. Customer Representations

Customers represent that they have legal capacity, won’t use automated means, won’t use the Services for illegal purposes, and will comply with these Terms of Use. 

10. Prohibited Activities

Customers shall use MotionMaestros’ services lawfully, avoiding unauthorized commercial use, infringement of others’ intellectual property rights, and engaging in illegal activities. 

11. Feedback

Feedback must be communicated through designated platforms, and MotionMaestros retains ownership. MotionMaestros is not liable for overlooking Feedback not shared through designated channels. 

12. Oversight

MotionMaestros reserves the right to monitor and take legal action against violations of these Terms of Use, including restricting or denying access to the Services. 

13. Returns and Refunds

All payments are non-refundable, ensuring operational efficiency and service quality. MotionMaestros commits to delivering services until the end of the current billing cycle post-cancellation. 

14. Modifications to Terms of Service

MotionMaestros reserves the right to change or remove content and modify or discontinue Services without notice. 

15. Interruptions

MotionMaestros is not liable for service interruptions due to factors beyond its control, and efforts will be made to notify Customers of significant interruptions. 

16. Governing Law

These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware. 

17. Limitations of Liability and Indemnification

MotionMaestros is not liable for damages arising from Customer’s use of Services, and Customer agrees to indemnify MotionMaestros. 

18. Customer Data

Customers are responsible for providing necessary data, and MotionMaestros takes reasonable measures to safeguard it, but is not liable for loss or compromise. 

Contact Information 

For inquiries about these Terms, contact: 

MotionMaestros, LTD 

138 Eswyn Road, London 

England, SW17 8TN